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MedStar Solutions offers a complete suite of healthcare automation solutions to improve your medical practice’s performance.                        The iPatientCare program is a full-featured, state-of-the-art Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that provides the latestpatient care and clinical productivity tools. 

The system automates all aspects of your patient documentation processes with logical work flows, consistent procedures and specialty-specific templates.  DrWorksTM is a comprehensive practice management and medical billing solution.  The system automates all aspects of appointment scheduling, patient account management, medical billing and collections and administrative/financial reporting.  The systems can be joined to provide your office with a complete solution.  We aim to transform medical practices into profitable medical businesses.

MedStar Solutions offers a family of new generation systems DrWorks, iPatientCare and MedStar softwares that clearly outperform the competition with their Windows-based layout, comprehensive product features, work flow efficiencies, and compatibility with on-line services.  And  MedStar Solutions offers HIPAA compliant software. MedStar Solutions is committed to continued product development to assure thatMedStar Solutions software solutions remain the industry leader.

 MedStar Solutions product offerings are built on a Microsoft Windows platform in conjunction with Microsoft’s SQL database manager, providing the perfect combination for a user-friendly environment with unequaled database manipulation and scalable. 

All of the products in the  MedStar Solutions product suites, MedStar, iPatientCare and DrWorks are scalable to fit the needs of medical groups ranging from a single doctor practice to large hospital-based groups.  Each product set has been developed to serve specific functions found in single practitioners, radiology centers, MSO’s, clinical labs, emergency rooms, hospital-based practices and medical billing service providers. 

In addition,  MedStar Solutions understands that every medical practice has unique requirements, which is why the  MedStar Solutions system can be customized to serve your specific needs. Through a single point of contact, MedStar provides you with a turnkey solution for your information system needs.  MedStar Solutions sales and technical staff are certified to help you configure the optimal system sizing and hardware requirements for your office.

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